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NSC strongly believes the interdependence of the business and society. The company puts in dedicated effort in the fields of education, healthcare, safety and environment.


NSC continually supports medical and healthcare facilities in the local region. This includes but is not limited to funding ambulances services, medical camps, and supporting the local community under difficult medical conditions. The Company recently donated land in Bageshwar to Uttarakhand Government in support of construction of a hospital.



NSC is committed to enhancing the education system to the local children and improve the literacy levels. The Company supports the funding of school teachers and infrastructure facilities for schools in the local region.


NSC appoints forest and water guards for surrounding villages to protect the forests from deforestation  and misuse. The Company funds tree guards to schools, district authorities and forest department for tree plantation in surrounding areas. The Company is committed to afforestation and protecting water bodies from contamination. Development of green belts, checking dams, building retaining walls are done continually to support the environment. 


Environmental awareness campaigns are run to raise awareness levels. Regular monitoring of the environment of our core and buffer zones is done to ensure minimal impact. The company purchases plantations from the women welfare community in the local region.

Social & Cultural

The Company support local sports activities and participates in local cultural events.  The Company funded building of a playground in the mining region for children. NSC took up construction, renovation and maintenance of temples in the local village of Surkali and other nearby villages. NSC regularly funds and organises social and cultural events.



Infrastructure Facilities

NSC arranges for conveyance and shared vehicles in the areas where transportation is inaccessible. Construction of footpaths and roads are done by the Company to ensure enhanced connectivity. Village drinking water projects, rural employment, women literacy programmes and other initiatives are undertaken by NSC to improve the infrastructure facilities.

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